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Title: "One and Only"
Artist: [ profile] renisanz 
Medium: Pencil
Fandom: Primeval
Rating: G
Warning/Spoilers: None in the art. Some Series 4 spoilers in my commentary following.
Disclaimer: The pencil lines are my own.
Notes: I just really wanted to draw these two. Title taken from the song "One and Only" by Adele.


I'm trying not to dissolve into a rant about how much I love the idea of these two. When I first came across commentary and mentions of Jess' crush on Becker, I was kind of skeptical as to how it would play out onscreen. What convinced me that that could work and get onboard the ship was basically that Becker fancies Jess, too. It's not just her pining over some guy that she thinks is out of her league or whatever. (And then he bought her chocolate in the second episode of series 4.) He's just not as forward about it. There's none of that angsty will-they-won't-they mess that went on with Connor/Abby, and it's quite refreshing and delightful to watch. In contrast, I wasn't convinced of any of the Matt/Emily until their goodbye scene. It was just so well acted, especially on Ciaran's part, that I really hope she comes back next series.

I quite enjoyed drawing Becker's hand tangled in her hair. :)

This is the first thing I've scanned with my new Epson all-in-one, and, boy, does it pick up so much more detail in my line art than my old scanner.

Feedback is lovely. :)
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