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I've been working on this Spock/Uhura fanmix and I'd appreciate some feedback before it goes "live." I was trying to tell the story of their initial attraction to each other while Uhura was Spock's student. Somewhere along the line they get together,and things between them grow as a result of the events of the film.

I will update this with links, hopefully tonight. I've had lots of issues with my computer lately and will probably be purchasing a new(er) one in the next few days. :/

ETA: You can LISTEN to most of the songs on the playlist HERE.

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Throughout my fic "Making Up the Past" there are song lyrics posted to kind of set the tone for certain scenes. [personal profile] nytelposted a fanmix over at [profile] sg_onesweetlove, and I got inspired to make my own for you guys. This to say thanks for all the encouragement and wonderful comments you posted to help me finish the story.

The song "Daydreams" by ADELE is what inspired the title of the story, and I see it pretty much encapsulates how I see Ronon in a relationship. 'Cuz he's awesome.

Download Ronon/Jennifer Daydreamer Mix.


And feel free to come back after you've listened and tell me what you thought, love or hate.

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