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Title: "Surf Lessons"
Artist: renisanz
Medium: pencil
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Notes: For [ profile] tielan , because she's having a sucky time at work and I've been teasing her with the prospect of John/Teyla fan art for long enough.


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I've been without internet access at home for going on three days now. It's kind of tortuous, as I was really attached to tweeting about what I was working on. On the other hand, it does lend me more time to be productive without distraction. Last night, after watching a few episodes of Chuck Season 2, I looked through my Sheldon/Penny art prompts to see if I could cross something off the list. I have a little library of reference images on my computer. I found a few that would work for a piece I was considering that would combine two different prompts, kill two birds...

Somehow, I ended up going to my SGA reference folder and drawing Ronon/Keller instead. This is after I did a quick sketch of Sarah in her Nerd Herd gear.


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While editing caps for a picspam for the trailer for the film Princess Kaiulani, admiring Q'Orianka Kilcher's gorgeous bone structure, and I suddenly thought, if John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan had a daughter, she could definitely look like this:

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34 Multifandom Icons
09 Big Bang Theory
03 Jewel Staite
22 Stargate Atlantis: Jennifer Keller

for 3.20 "The Spaghetti Catalyst"


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Moderation of the comm has shifted hands from [ profile] shelma32  to [ profile] krissie678 . New challenges are starting in January.
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Title: "Morning View"
Artist: renisanz
: G
: pencil, Photoshop CS2
Character(s): John Sheppard
: None.
Warnings: None
Notes: A scene from "The Astonishing Persistence of Memory: Present Tense" by [ profile] tielan
. I drew part of a Stargate for this, so that's something. ;) I want to do more art for this story, hopefully in time for the dvd commentary. :)


The sky over the sea was streaked with pale blue when John dumped his duffel at the foot of the bed and sat down to wait for the sunrise. )
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I posted this on my tumblr a few days ago. Not many of my followers are into SGA, so I figured I would share it here.

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I think it's cool to have some sort of mental reference. :)
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Title: "It's Good to Be Outside"
Artist: renisanz
Medium: pencil
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters...sadly.
Notes: After my Sheldon/Penny binge, I wanted to do some Ronon/Amelia fan art because there, like, none. This piece is a scene from "Sunshine" by [ profile] mierde . I wanted to start simple and work up to more overtly shippy stuff, meaning there will be more Ronon/Amelia art from me.


She couldn’t believe it; she was out of the city. )

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[11] Stargate Atlantis
      2 Teyla Emmagan
      3 Dr. Jennifer Keller
      3 Chaya Sar
      2 (Nurse) Marie
      1 Katana Labrea
[6] Jewel Staite

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28 icons
[12] Stargate Atlantis
[02] Stargate Universe
[06] Jim Parsons
[08] The Big Bang Theory

SGA: Rodney McKay, Team, Elizabeth Weir, Jennifer Keller, Teyla Emmagan
SGU: Camille Wray, Tamara Johanssen
BBT: Sheldon Cooper/Penny


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Various SGA Icons:

John Sheppard/Ava Dixon
John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan
Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller
Ronon Dex/Amelia Banks

Other characters:
Celise (Tracker)
Jeannie Miller
Elizabeth Weir


So glad to finally post these. I had to wait for the posting of contest results. I liked the way my Ronon/Amelia user icon turned out, so I decided to do a series of black and red icons.

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Jan. 31st, 2009 12:40 am
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So, I finally saw "The Pegasus Project" as it aried on SciFi. It's one of the few SGA eps that I haven't seen. Well, the given this past season (I've missed quite a few eps), it's the only one I want to. I know it's actually aired on SG1. It was pretty cool. I really liked the idea of John and Cam hanging out as I'd read in fic, and I finally got to see it in action.

Teh hotness...

Now I need an icon for that. :P

I also liked the Rodney/Sam snarkiness (liked the reference back to "Grace Under Pressure"), and Vala was awesome, as always. In the beginning of the ep, I was surprised she wasn't trying to stuff things into her jacket to take back to Earth, and then she said the line about finding interesting "artifacts"...LOL.

I really need to catch up on SG1.

This also makes me long for the Atlantis movie, whenever that gets off the ground.

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I started a Ronon/Amelia fic community on, but this list is to supplement that, I guess, since there are a few fic here on LJ that may not over be posted there. This entry is mainly fic rec, as I because it's just the stuff that I've read and liked. Some of the stories may not feature ship, but a few feature inclusion of Amelia and a bit of character develeopment on her part ("All the Kings Men" and "Of Colonels and Cattle").

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I'll be updated this list as I find more fic. :)
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18 Stargate Atlantis icons

Spoilers for 5x20 "Enemy at the Gate"


Characters featured:
Nola ("The Game"), Jeannie Miller, Nancy (John Sheppard's ex-wife), Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, and Amelia Banks

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