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Yeah, I've been M.I.A. with posts lately save for my twitter feed updates.

[ profile] sgabigbang went live last weekend. I did art to accompany "The Astonishing Persistence of Memory: Present Tense" by [ profile] tielan . It's a scene from the opening of the story, since it stayed with me even after I got further along in reading: Morning View.

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo for the second year in a row. Yay! I'm behind (currently at 21.7k words), but it's still fun. I've posted some stuff over at [ profile] nano_circle . Most of the entries are locked, but if you're writing too, you may want to join/read/encourage. :)

Also...I think I'm coming down with something, but I'm totally going to use this feeling for a character in my novel. Will make a great intro, I think.
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Haven't drawn in several weeks and decided to do something of the characters for my novel. There's a slim chance it will come out as a graphic novel, but more likely that I'll just do illustrations to go with the prose.


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Oh my goodness. I did it while on vacation. I can totally die breathe now.

And my ending kinda sucks leaves something to be desired, but really, who cares?


Final word count: 50,124.

Oh, and I'm writing from Toronto, Ontario, CA. I'm on vacation 'til next Saturday.
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3,000+ words since my last post. The whole "just keep writing" technique worked in this instance. Every time I reached a point that I could leave as as a cliffy (as is my custom when writing fanfic), I just kept writing the scene past that point. Turned out pretty well. E'lari is stealing the show.

The end is in sight. I guess I'll call it a night. :)

40306 / 50000 words. 81% done!


I'm going to have to do some serious writing on my plane ride to Canada on Nov. 27th. I wonder what the likelihood is of me encountering other NaNo's in my travels.
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Dudes, I'm ridiculously behind on my wordcount. Actually, I'm at 37,293. Not too bad, but. . .ugh. . .don't know how I what the story to end. I havhe a really hard time getting over not making it good the first time around. "Just get it written," the NaNo PTB keep saying. Don't know if I can crank out the 2K words/day til the end. Also, I'd be very unfortunate to" lose" after getting this far.

However, I realized I have let a few bits of the plot drop of, so I think if I follow those tangents, it could help a lot. For one, Jacqui has to pop up again somewhere. Tara does photography, but I've yet to really write that in. Also, Brendan is rich. So, I he needs to have a lot of cool stuff that Sean, Miranda, and Tara can play with while they hang out at the beach house. Wii anyone?

37293 / 50000 words. 75% done!


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So, I'm going along writing, and suddenly that it needs more character POVs. So, this morning I wrote this extended scene with Brendan, Miranda's ex, and his outing with Micah (their kid).

The following scene is a perfect example of why you haven't seen any excerpts from me lately. Actually, it's because most of what I've written so far has been rather blah, with me trying to get ahead on the word count, not trying to make it necessarily sound good.

This scene, however, quickly descended into crackerrific territory. But it was oh-so-much fun to write:


Day 18 Excerpt )

Anyway, I'm excited to finally be (a little) ahead on my word count.

30129 / 50000 words. 60% done!

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