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I'm taking a cue from the bit of discussion I've seen going around about author entitlement in regard to feedback left on their fic, and I'm putting out my thoughts on the matter, if anyone cares... ;)

It may help to read [ profile] dashakay 's post about it to put things in context, because that's the springboard from which my thoughts originate, though [ profile] ishie  had some sound thoughts, too.

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What I wrote in 2009: Mostly Stargate Atlantis fic in the beginning of the year, then it crossed over into The Big Bang Theory after I got well-versed in the show and confident enough to write the characters.

Need to Know - Ronon/Amelia
Cake - Ronon/Keller ficlet
Shelter - Ronon/Keller
Only Fault - Ronon/Keller, AU
The Feel - John/Teyla drabble
Song In My Heart - John/Teyla drabble
- John/Teyla drabble
With Kid Gloves - SGA team AU
Something Real - Ronon/Elizabeth ficlet
Do Not Disturb - Ronon/Keller
Maybe - Ronon/Amelia drabble
A Viable Pursuit Sheldon/Penny
The Expert Diversion Sheldon/Penny
All Things Considered Sheldon/Penny
The Caffeine High Corollary Sheldon/Penny
Shoulder Sheldon/Penny
Lucky's Requiem Sheldon/Penny

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I'm going into the new year with quite a few stories still unfinished. Early this year I got into a new fandom, The Big Bang Theory ([ profile] sheldon_penny ), and I really neglected Stargate Atlantis stuff. I did write a few stories in that fandom.

Big Bang Theory
All Things Considered
. Sheldon Penny

Stargate Atlantis
Need To Know . Ronon/Amelia
Back Home Ronon/Keller
Left Behind . Ronon/Keller

So, it's not to bad. I think Left Behind has been lingering the longest. That story was more of an experiment than anything else. One of the main characters was an OC, Seraih, and I had fun writing her.

I think of all the fan fic writing I've done these past two years as practice for my original stuff, and it did help when NaNo came around again. Writing fic, posting, and getting the opinion of others was great encouragement as well as a learning experience as to what makes good writing. It showed me that I can maybe publish my own story one day and that people would actually read it. As much as we tell ourselves that we do this for the heck of it; for me anyway, writing, like art, is just another way of relating to people. I need feedback to keep going at times.

Anyway, enough of the rant. :)

Next I'll post a list of what I wrote this past year.
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Started this over a month ago but couldn't get it going. I was toying with the idea that Sheldon had been kissed before, more than once, but never had an experience that sparked a desire to do it again with that same person. So, here, it's him and Lalita Gupta. The ideas here kind of evolved into "The Caffeine High Corollary."

She hadn't intended to kiss Sheldon... )


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Snagged from [ profile] mrsvc :

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

20 lines )

6 of these start with someone's name.
Of the 4 that begin with sentences, 3 are questions.
4 mentions of Dr. Jennifer Keller.
I tend to jump in the middle of a scene so that the reader is curious as to what's going on.


Jun. 17th, 2009 02:51 pm
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I wrote a Sheldon/Penny ficlet yesterday, and it totally sucks. There are good bits here and there, but, reading over it now....*sigh*  I suppose s'what happens when you write stuff at work when you're supposed to be working.

LOL. I will try to make it better, though. : /

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I signed up to be an artist for [ profile] sgabigbang . Sign-ups for artists and writers end May 29th. I saw that[ profile] tielan  and[personal profile] beth_soprano  signed up to write, so as per usual, I jumped on the bandwagon. I not confident I can commit to that high a work count, even though I did write 50,000+ words in a month for NaNaWriMo, and this challenge give you like, 4 months. I suppose if I had a really, really, ridicu seriously good prompt, I would think about tackling it. I have a few WIPs that are in the early stages that I could, theoretically, make into novel length.

These days, art comes so much more easily than fic.

I'm open to suggestions and prompts.
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So, now I have a dreamwidth account to see what's it's all about. I'm also testing out the crossposting feature. So, if ya'll have a DW account and want to add me, my name is the same: renisanz. I don't know how once goes about getting invite codes, but if I get any I'll let y'all know.

[ profile] team_sga  AU Fest has gone live. My fic is due Tuesday, May 5, and I've really been struggling with it. I just took it too seriously, but I managed to reach a stopping point on the narrative, before I screwed it up, too much. I hope too add more chapters later. < is what happens when a shippy writer does gen. : /

she what?

Feb. 26th, 2009 03:08 pm
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In a temporary bout of  what was I thinking, I signed up for the SGA Team AU 2009 Main Fest.


I'm am sort of excited about my the prompt I chose, though. It should be fun.

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I saw this on [ profile] friendshipper's journal and thought it was a good idea.

What I wrote in 2008: Quite a bit more than I expected, considering I just started writing fanfic in December of 2007. It's been all SGA. In November I did NaNo and came out with a novel (The Keeper's Kin). Still needs a lot of work, though.

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Don't know why, but I'm feeling horribly uninspired, not able to get out any words on the next chapter of "Back Home." :/ Not a very nice feeling.

Ok, let's try focusing on the positive:
  • Watched The Secret of N.I.M.H. today, and it was just as awesome as it was when I was little. Definitely a movie that never gets old.
  • Spent time, sort of, with my family.
  • Oh, here's teh awesome... So, I dloaded a certain final 2 episodes of a certain show, and there was no sound when I played the video. At first, I figured it might have something to do codecs, but like a dunce, I just wasted time trying to dload another version of the video. Then I did a bit of internet based research, and it turned out that the problem was, in fact, lack of a proper audio codec (AC3). So, I downloaded it, plugged it into the appropriate folder on my computer, and I nearly fainted when the sound actually worked the next time I tried to play the video.
Things went downhill after that, though. "We'll always have Pegasus," and all that. Oh well.

I think I'm driven by the feedback I get on my fic, and there hasn't been as much lately. Also, I'm in a part of my story where the situation is unfamiliar territory, so I'm having a hard time figuring out the appropriate reactions for the characters. *sigh* Well, if there's anything I've learned from NaNo, it's that sometimes it can prove fruitful to just trudge through it, and then something halfway salvageable may come out in the end.
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Oh my goodness. I did it while on vacation. I can totally die breathe now.

And my ending kinda sucks leaves something to be desired, but really, who cares?


Final word count: 50,124.

Oh, and I'm writing from Toronto, Ontario, CA. I'm on vacation 'til next Saturday.
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3,000+ words since my last post. The whole "just keep writing" technique worked in this instance. Every time I reached a point that I could leave as as a cliffy (as is my custom when writing fanfic), I just kept writing the scene past that point. Turned out pretty well. E'lari is stealing the show.

The end is in sight. I guess I'll call it a night. :)

40306 / 50000 words. 81% done!


I'm going to have to do some serious writing on my plane ride to Canada on Nov. 27th. I wonder what the likelihood is of me encountering other NaNo's in my travels.
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Dudes, I'm ridiculously behind on my wordcount. Actually, I'm at 37,293. Not too bad, but. . .ugh. . .don't know how I what the story to end. I havhe a really hard time getting over not making it good the first time around. "Just get it written," the NaNo PTB keep saying. Don't know if I can crank out the 2K words/day til the end. Also, I'd be very unfortunate to" lose" after getting this far.

However, I realized I have let a few bits of the plot drop of, so I think if I follow those tangents, it could help a lot. For one, Jacqui has to pop up again somewhere. Tara does photography, but I've yet to really write that in. Also, Brendan is rich. So, I he needs to have a lot of cool stuff that Sean, Miranda, and Tara can play with while they hang out at the beach house. Wii anyone?

37293 / 50000 words. 75% done!


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So, I'm going along writing, and suddenly that it needs more character POVs. So, this morning I wrote this extended scene with Brendan, Miranda's ex, and his outing with Micah (their kid).

The following scene is a perfect example of why you haven't seen any excerpts from me lately. Actually, it's because most of what I've written so far has been rather blah, with me trying to get ahead on the word count, not trying to make it necessarily sound good.

This scene, however, quickly descended into crackerrific territory. But it was oh-so-much fun to write:


Day 18 Excerpt )

Anyway, I'm excited to finally be (a little) ahead on my word count.

30129 / 50000 words. 60% done!
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*points* I got a NaNo icon. :)

Considering I wrote about 3,000 words in the last 24 hours, I'm doing wonderfully. :)

I'll focus on using the weekends to catch up.

Just keep writing. . .

Just wrote a particularly poignant scene (I got choked up by it, anyway), with Miranda and her baby-daddy. Gosh, calling him that so cheapens the moment, but eh. :P Let's just say, if you think Teyla and Kanaan had issues with the whole hybrid betrayal thing . . . this is kind of like that, but without the hybrid part, more of betrayal, and maybe worse, because he (Miranda's baby-daddy. Ok, his name is Brendan) wasn't under the influence of a vengeful mad scientist bent on obliterating the blight of Atlantis from the galaxy.

I just wrote 3000 WORDS. That's a big deal for me. Ok, maybe about 1,200 of those were in the last hour.

19233 / 50000 words. 38% done!
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This is a bit early but I made a lot of headway yesterday and today. Still about 2,500 words behind, but hopefully I can hit 15,000 this weekend. Doesn't seem likely, but I'll try. The good thing is that the story is still in the beginning stages. I was afraid I would run out of steam way before the 50,000 mark, not having enough of a story to tell. Right now there are still a few unfinished scenes, and I've been going back and forth adding to them.

Anyway, here's one for today. It's set the next day after Miranda drives Tara home from the shop.

Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel behind the grave first? )

11049 / 50000 words. 22% done!
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Seriously, my plot has been shot to heck by the plot bunnies of reason. Meaning, I have certain things I want to happen, but I'm having trouble making it plausible, and then tying the scenes together.

I'm going to have to change Tara's station in life, so she's a freshman in college rather than a Senior in high school. That way, I can do away with the parentals and not have to worry about her being. . .*ahem* missing for a few days. This means I'll have to rewrite a significant portion of the beginning of the story, but I'm not deleting it, because I'm already behind on my word count. I'll just tweak it as it come to me.

Today's excerpt is inspired by the writing prompt from [ profile] lj_nanowrimo . It's very short, as I don't want to spoil the story completely. There's a whole scene before it with Miranda and mysterious guy (his name is mentioned on tha scene as well). After some things transpire, the eat dinner together at Miranda's place. The prompt is bolded.

Excerpt )

. . . . . . . . . .

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,818 / 50,000

Still about 2,200 words behind. :(


Nov. 4th, 2008 03:11 pm
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I just barely cracked 5,000 words on my novel a few minutes ago. Geez, it's like pulling teeth trying to get the story going today. Maybe it's because I'm seriously fatigued. I went to bed just before 2AM, and then woke up at around 5:30 because I was cold. The cover had come off me on the bed, which in a sober reminder that I need to make my bed up properly. After that, I couldn't get back to sleep really. :(

So, yeah, despite my financial crisis, I'm going to hit up Starbucks for a Venti Chai Latte w/ no water. And a pumpkin loaf.

However, I did discover a lovely cool called Google Docs, so I won't have to keep emailing my story to myself when I work on it away from my Mac.

ETA: Got a bit more writing done, though, unfortunately, nothing I'm willing to share. Hopefully I'll have an excerpt for tomorrow's post.

Day 4 Progress:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,032 / 50,000

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Thanks to everyone who's left feedback on my excerpts. It really helps.

I got a good bit of writing down today. I'm at just under 5,000 words, after cranking out a really fun scene.

It was extremely slow at work today, so I got a bit of writing done during that time, filling in some scenes in the very beginning of the story, establishing more of Tara's back story.Today's excerpt features a scene that occurs directly after the scene from yesterday. It's the last thing I wrote for the day.

4867 / 50000 words. 10% done!

Excerpt & a question )

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