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[5] gifs of... that scene in 4.14 "At First Blush" where that awesome thing happened and Sharon had a lot of feelings.

SPOILERS after the cut.

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12 Warehouse 13 icons
17 .gifs (Warehouse 13 + Eureka)

Spoilers: WH13 2.05 "13.1"; Eureka 4.05 "Crossing Over"
Warning: Graphic intensive lovefest + grossness to follow.


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It seems I have a new front-runner for OTP. It's not like I went out looking for something else. I was watchful of the fandom and really looking to see more of a certain couple. Uncertain of the fate of the show, I was still content with what was there between the lines.

Spoilers for Leverage S3... )

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Listening to the commentary, I learned a new term. "Competence porn" is when we see the team doing whatever is it they do, their special skill, well. It also involves seeing the members of the Leverage team plan out and execute the job. Generally, it will involve something like Alec Hardison sitting at the computer, spouting technobabble and working his hacker magic.

So, uhm... appropriate gif is appropriate:

Cuz Hardison taking off his shirt was totally part of the con.
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8 x Leverage animated .gifs

3 x 1.03 The Wedding Job
2 x 1.11 The 12 Step Job
1 x 1.12 The First David Job
2 x 1.13 The Second David Job


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